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Added on Sat 16th Dec 2017 12:53pm   Last edited on Thu 22nd Feb 2018 11:41pm

Mike Evans


Hello, everyone. I'm Mike. My doctors just recently told me I should start receiving Hospice care. It's been a nice experience so far but I'm still coming to terms with everything. My liver cancer is Stage IVB. I never really thought of myself as a heavy drinker but I guess my liver thinks otherwise. I've tried various forms of treatment but nothing ended up panning out so now it feels like a waiting process...but waiting for something that's, you know, not so great. It is sort of nice to be past that part of hope; but I'm still learning to accept things with grace and serenity. I'm hoping I can get help with that here. I look forward to talking with all of you.

Added on Mon 18th Dec 2017 8:06am   Last edited on Mon 18th Dec 2017 8:06am

Amanda Conti

Hi, Mike. Welcome to the forum and Hospice care. I have to admit that sometimes I still regret and complain without grace and serenity, but I think there is no shame in that. There's only so much we can take at once. I can only imagine how hard the journey is for you, but I do hope you will find what you're looking for and that we can help you to reach that point. See you around the forum, Mike!

Added on Sat 23rd Dec 2017 2:14pm   Last edited on Sat 23rd Dec 2017 2:14pm

Mike Evans

Hey, Amanda. You're right, there really shouldn't be any shame in doing it every once in a while. It really is a lot to handle and it's only natural to falter sometimes. But I hope it gets easier with time. Thank you for posting here and I look forward to seeing you around. Take care, Amanda. 

Added on Thu 22nd Feb 2018 11:41pm   Last edited on Thu 22nd Feb 2018 11:41pm

Eric Rogers

Glad you're here, Mike.  Just wrapping your mind around the diagnoses and future outlook is incredibly tough.  I still catch myself going through the stages of grief.  It took me ages to work through the denial phase.