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Added on Sun 22nd Oct 2017 11:13am   Last edited on Thu 26th Oct 2017 2:08am

Robert Gilmore

New to the forum

Hello all,

I am new to this forum in that I've only joined today, but I have been reading the posts on here for some time. I decided it was time for me to officially join this community and look forward to conversing with you all. 

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Kim Jaski

Welcome to the forum, Richard. I'm new here as well. I have a few family members in your area. Charleston is such a beautiful city…city just doesn't feel like the right word though, does it? Ah well, it's a beautiful place either way. I hope I get to make it out to those swings on the pier one more time. We'll see. Either way, I look forward to getting to know you and God bless.

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Robert Gilmore

Thank you, Kim. I have never thought of Charleston as a city either, though I suppose it's just because it lacks that industrial feel thanks to the preservation of the historic downtown. Ah, yes, those swings are quite popular. I haven't been in a while, perhaps I ought to one of these days for old times sake.  God bless you as well. 

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Ethel Cedar

Nice to meet you, someone with a story similar to mine. (See my introduction thread to know what I mean.) Charleston is a beautiful place. The historical atmosphere makes me feel at ease, that it's okay to slow down and appreciate the moment for what it is. I hope to see you around, Robert.