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Added on Sun 15th Oct 2017 8:59pm   Last edited on Wed 18th Oct 2017 10:53pm

Kim Jaski

Hello Everyone

Hello, everyone. My name is Kim Jaski. I'm 59 years old and from Raleigh, North Carolina. There's no one reason I use Hospice. It all started with ovarian cancer, then came kidney problems, and then, well, things have just snowballed from there. Once my cancer stopped reacting to treatments, I knew my battle wasn't going to be going on much longer and well, quality of life is the most important thing at this point, and that's what Hospice gives me. I'm so grateful I found this site because, for one, this seems like a wonderful community, and secondly, because I somehow managed to stumble across the Twitter post leading here despite that site not making a lick of sense to me. Maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks. I look forward to meeting you all. God bless.

Added on Mon 16th Oct 2017 8:06am   Last edited on Mon 16th Oct 2017 8:06am

Hello Kim, welcome to you also. Must say your post made me laugh as I too have no idea how twitter seems to work.

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Amanda Conti

Hello Jerrod. Thank you! I am so glad that I'm not the only one. I swear it seems like a completely different language on there. Although I guess it basically is!