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Melissa Perkins

I Just Realized I Haven't Introduced Myself

Hello everyone. I'm Melissa Perkins, a fifty-one year old who has stage IV lung cancer. I also have two beautiful children (Helen and Myron), one adorable grandson (River, Helen's son) and another one on the way! I really hope I get to meet her. I'm so thankful for this forum. It's been very helpful with making my videos, both in deciding what to say and coping with the emotions that come along with...well, all of this. God bless you all.

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Sofia Rodriguez

Hi, Melissa, I've been afflicted with the same disease so I bet we can help each other as needed.  Stage IV lung cancer is no joke.  I don't know what I would do without my daughters and hospice.  Are you doing okay with the disease so far?  I never smoked or anything, so I didn't expect to have lung cancer.  But then again, who does?

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Melissa Perkins

Hi, Sofia. I think we could too. I'm always here if you need me. It's no joke at all. I'm doing as well as I can be doing I suppose. I wish my son was closer but I don't want him to put his life on pause for me, or derail his family from their life. Hospice really is a blessing though. How are you doing with it? Wow, it must have really come as a shock to you. I haven't smoked in ten years and I thought I was in the clear...but apparently not. 

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Lena Powell

Sofia, did any other family members smoke? I've heard that passive smokers are also at risk, but you have probably heard of it as well. Regardless of the cause, it already happens. What matters is what we do from this point forward. Welcome to the both of you. Enjoy your time creating the messages and I hope that we get all the time we need to say everything we want.

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Melissa Perkins

Thank you for the warm welcome, Lena. You're right; all that we can control now is what we do from this point forward. I'm not sure if I'll ever reach a point where I'll feel like I've said everything I need to say, but I sure hope I do!