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Added on Mon 2nd Oct 2017 3:43pm   Last edited on Wed 1st Nov 2017 8:44am

Sofia Rodriguez

Hello, I'm Sofia

My name is Sofia Rodriguez, I'm 55 years old and I am in hospice for stage IV lung cancer. Hospice has been a real blessing. I've been fortunate so far. I'm divorced, so my two daughters moved here to care for me and the hospice nurses come several times a week. Death is difficult to face, but I have a great team.

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Melissa Perkins

Hello Sofia, I'm Melissa Perkins. I too have stage IV lung cancer and am in my 50s. That is so nice that your daughters were able to move there and care for you in addition to the hospice nurses. It's such a blessing to have family nearby. My daughter is only about an hour away, but my son is all the way on the other side of the country. It's difficult to face but a great team helps so much. This forum has been helping me too even though I only joined recently. Welcome!

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Ethel Cedar

Nice to meet you, Sofia. Being sick is never easy, especially for us. I think one of our worst fears is that our family would walk away from us and we end up unable to do anything on our own. I'm very happy to hear that your daughters are looking after you. I wish you a great time with the daughters!