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Josh Reynolds

Ready to be reunited with my wife

Hello one and all.  I've been lurking around this forum for a while now, so I feel like I already know most of you.  I'm thankful that people here have opened up about their struggles and offered support.  It's been immensely helpful to my old soul.  I'm finally ready to share too.

My name is Josh, I have black lung disease and congestive heart failure.  I'm on oxygen all the time now.  The doctor warned me to get my affairs in order and make the most of my time.  Well, I've been a widower for five long, lonely years and I'm ready to hold hands with the love of my life again.  Unfortunately, my children and grandchildren are not ready for me to leave this world.  That's why I'm so grateful for HeartPrints & American Pride.  I believe my messages will give them peace, much like the forum here has done for me.

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Hey Josh, im sorry about your  condition but have to say dont be so eager to dash off. Whatever time you have, and everyone on the plannet only has a limited time - you enjoy your family. 

Occurred to me while using the future message system with my own condition, how many emails around the world will lay in peoples indoxes as proof of my time here. All with my own style of work ethic and humor and embeded with my personality. 

Same for all of us. When the time comes,  im sure the kids and grandkids would give the world for all of those emails. The thoughts, dreams, wishes, goals that ive penned to many.

I agree with you, this place is a wonder. I ask myself why would I have taken the time to pen  all of those emails to others in work and social etc and then pen nothing for those I love whilst im taking a long sleep. 

Why would anyone not prepare messages to be delivered to family in the future if it can better there life by sharing love and guidance at a time when they need it the most.

You hang in there sir. 




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Lena Powell

Welcoming you also feels strange to me, Josh, because I've read your messages around this website that it already feels natural to have you around. This is the place where we talk even more openly about our struggles, so I hope to see you around. I can only imagine how much you want to see your wife again, so let's prepare good videos for the ones left behind. We will do our best to help you if you need any.

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Josh Reynolds

I really appreciate the warm welcome I've received here.  It's uplifting to come to this forum and read about the message, ideas and daily life struggles that we're doing our level best to conquer.  I definitely feel the camaraderie.  

I have had such a great life, full of joy and love.  I've really gotten into making my recordings.  Anonymous, I like the term 'long sleep'.  That's an elegant way of looking at it.