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Amelia Branson

Saying hello

I'm Amelia, I'm the mother of two twin daughters and the wife of a wonderful husband.  I worked as a teacher until I couldn't stand the headaches any longer.  I have terminal brain cancer - Glioblastoma multiforme to be exact.  I'm thankful a service like this exists to help me say goodbye and to preserve some memories for my family.  It's giving me peace.

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Endra Bass

Amelia, you'll find that this site is great and the community is very supportive. You'll find that preserving your memories will be a great source of relief and if you have any questions, this forum is very reliable when it comes to answers.

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Amelia Branson

Thank you for the warm welcome, Endra!  You have no idea how much it bouys my spirit.  I know I've found the right online community to join.

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Sofia Rodriguez

I've missed chatting with you Amelia and hope you are okay.  You usually answer my private messages quickly, so I figured something was up.   

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Josh Reynolds

Sofia, I don't believe Amelia will post here again.  I went to her house earlier and tried to log her in so she could see the messages, but Amelia is honestly not up to it.  I told Amelia you were thinking about her and she smiled.  I didn't stay long because she's weak and it's honestly hard not to get emotional.  She's surrounded by family.  I tried taking her girls to dinner, but they wouldn't budge.  My dear friend is just very ill.

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We are so very sorry to here Amelia is feeling unwell. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with her, her family and her friends. 





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Maria Johnson

Thank you Josh for letting us know how she is doing.  Updates are always appreciated, as we get close to others by reading their stories!  Prayers and hugs to all of you!!!

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Josh Reynolds

Matt called to let me know that Amelia passed away early this morning.  

Even though you know it's coming, it's hard to take.  Matt's being strong for their kids and trying to stay positive.  Thanks to hospice my friend got to stay at home, which was important to her.  Amelia had asked me to keep you all updated.  She cared about a lot of folks here.  I know Matt has checked out this site before and Amelia assigned executors over the recordings she created for her family and friends.  

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Lena Powell

How did I miss this post? Thank you very much for telling us the news, Josh, and I am very touched that Amelia thought about us so much despite her condition. I hope the messages she has made here will be delivered accordingly to support the family during this hard period. I will be thinking of you all.