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About Lasting Memories

The importance of life knowledge, emotional wellbeing and a safe environment Connecting people with the caregivers that supports them

Lasting Memories offers an environment to assist with life’s review and the emotional welfare of individual’s with life limiting conditions.

It connects patients, families and friends with the industry caregivers that serve them at this time.

It offers features for individuals to make use of their life’s knowledge for the benefit of those they choose.

It does this by employing all conventional practices as recommended by those within the industry who work with great passion to bring about comfort, caring and understanding at a difficult time.

Lasting Memories has taken these practices and utilised technology allowing the present and the future to benefit from the experiences of those that have passed before them.

Lasting Memories is a free service and currently offers:

There is simple information in the help section in relation to how to use Lasting Memories effectively

Quick glance summary:

To share knowledge and experience in the hope of bettering a person’s life is
a choice which brings with it great inner comfort.